Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about Browsy. Did you not find the answer to your question? Send us a message!

How does Browsy work exactly?
What does it cost me to use browsy?
How do I know for sure that my donation will end up with the chosen foundation?
What percentage of my purchases go to the foundations?
How much tree is my donation worth?
Which foundations do you support and why?
I never shop with one of your +2000 partners, why should I download the Browsy app?
What is the advantage of the stores for joining Browsy?
Does Browsy keep track of what I buy or what I search for on the internet?
I have an older version of Browsy, do I need to update it to be able to donate?
Will Browsy show and influence advertisement?
Can I use Browsy on my phone or tablet?
How can I contact the Browsy team?